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How to Confess. When we do bad things, we feel bad even if we’re not caught or punished. The weight of our misdeeds falls upon our consciences, plaguing us with

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I’ve been receiving many emails regarding Eminem’s new song, “Not Afraid”. Many people are requesting that I should do a breakdown of the song and the music

How to Confess Sins. Do you seek repentance for all your sins? Do you want our Lord to forgive you for all your trespasses? While not all religions have a formal

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Have you seen that new movie “Hell Is for Real?” Of course, you haven’t. Because it doesn’t exist. It’s heavenly counterpart, however, earned $21.5 million

3. Do you like the idea of two dudes having sex? “Do you like gay sex? Like two dudes going at it? I’m kinda turned on by the idea of making out with another man

3. Why don’t you just sit down to pee? “I would like to know, why don’t you just sit down to pee? It’s tidier. Is there some judgment guys face for not

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Every year people make resolutions, stop this, change that, demand more, be wiser, then they relapse into old habits. You talk it but you don’t live it! When

When it comes to performing oral sex, it can be as helpful knowing what not to do as what you should be doing. With some help from my friends, here’s a

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New International Version So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows. New Living Translation So don’t be afraid; you are more valuable to God than a

If you haven’t had a full-body skin check recently—or ever—I’m not going to guilt-trip you about it. (Heck, I’ve had more than one *Allure* editor confess to me

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