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There really is something for everyone. is the 75th most popular website in the world, according to Internet analytics company Alexa. The porn site outranks

Jun 06, 2014 · Sex is great, and trying new positions is exciting. But you shouldn’t try these 10 weird and dangerous positions for your own good.

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Some fetishes are really easy to understand. A silk stocking fetish, hell, everybody’s down with that. Or a fetish that involves a naked woman rubbing her boobs on

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There are millions of fetishes out there, one to suit every weirdo’s personal tastes, but here are ten of the grossest, stupidest and just plain weirdest ones we

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Some celebrities have no shame about their weird kinky fetishes. In honor of International Fetish Day, see who likes golden showers or wheelchairs.

Everyone reading this has probably heard the saying: “Anything’s a sex toy if you’re brave enough.” There are people who treat everyday objects as potential sex toys

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1. Soft sweaters — duh. Weird sexual fetishes, eh? Well, if by “weird” you mean “rare,” I bet nobody here shares this one: I love women who wear soft

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5 Weird Fetishes That Are More Normal Than You Think We give you permission to play with her feet—without feeling like a freak By Laura Tedesco January 19, 2016

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